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13:31 (vrijdag 23 feb 2018)

Goud spot: streaming koers, intraday grafiek, en forum berichten over Goud.

Laatst: 1,331.36
Change: -0.07 -0.01%
Sluit: 1,331.00
Min: 1,326.00
Max: 1,332.00

Intraday grafiek Goud

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Goud charts

Goud (USD) Intraday
Goud (USD) intraday chart Goud (USD) intraday grafiek
Goud (USD) 10-dagen
Goud (USD) 10 dagen chart Goud (USD) 10 dagen grafiek
Goud (USD) 6 maanden
Goud (USD) 6 maanden chart Goud (USD) 6 maanden grafiek
Goud (USD) 5 jaar
Goud (USD) 5 jaar chart Goud (USD) 5 jaar grafiek

Metalen commodities

Goud Goud1,331.36-0.07-0.01%
Zilver Zilver16.63+0.01+0.08%
Koper Koper3.21-0.03-0.91%
Lood Lood2,529.50-23.00-0.90%
Nikkel Nikkel13,826.10+77.70+0.57%
PLT Platinum997.50-1.90-0.19%
PLD Pallad.1,031.90-1.60-0.15%

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En weer GOUD

(Kitco News) - The markets reacted to the FOMC minutes from January that were released yesterday. At first, the markets saw the minutes as dovish and both the metals and equity markets shot higher. Then the market realized that the minutes were from before the higher inflation data that was released in February and the Trump tax cut. The market assessed that had this data been considered, the Fed ...

Dit was een FED dag en altijd lastig dan, dollar ja Maar toch vat ik dat goud niet helemaal Toch wat maak je ervan ? Dollar up, yield up, mindere agressieve FED? nieuwe lows op intraday sloopdag ? Kritische niveaus SP Nasdaq DOW ?

Blijf het merkwaardig vinden dat goud geen onrust aangeeft

Goud blijft goud. Daar doe je niets aan. Doe een Kruger in een sok, en je hebt een financieringsmodel voor elk project.

Goud ff 1335 nu 1322

Https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/anticipating-the-turn-in-gold-silver-as-early-as-this-afternoon/ SD Midweek : Anticipating The Turn In Gold & Silver: As Early As This Afternoon?

Als zo'n achtervolgingsploegen uit "ongelijke" grootheden bestaat, kan het niet anders dan dat het goud onhaalbaar zal zijn. Waarom komt "men" in dat geval dan op een dergelijke keuze? En wie is "men" in dat geval? Denk dat het probleem dus ergens anders zal liggen.

Http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1519142459.php Jeff Clark: Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Be in Gold and Silver

(Kitco News) - Gold remains under pressure as higher bond yields have attracted flows into the U.S. dollar. The U.S. government is auctioning off a massive amount of U.S. debt and tepid demand may push yields higher and continue to maintain flows into the dollar. We remain neutral on the short-term optics for gold, after suggesting liquidation of long positions at the $1,358 level late last week. ...

Toch hebben ze vanaf middernacht de koers van goud al weer 10 punten naar beneden gebracht: "Slicing the salami" We mogen niet uitsluiten dat Da Boyz voor donderdag (einde Chinese New Year) de koers nog verder terugbrengen.

Stay Disciplined The sentiment in the mining shares is also extremely negative right now and that is very bullish from a contrarian perspective. If you are accumulating physical gold and silver, just continue to purchase at the normal times each month if you are dollar cost averaging. Don’t be distracted by the manias that are starting to crack. Instead, stay disciplined and don’t try to ...

Https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/slow-start-to-the-week-could-end-with-excitement-in-the-gold-silver-market/ SD Monday Outlook

The equity markets are closed today; however, the futures markets are open. Equity futures are higher which would have led to the seventh day in a row of gains. Just three weeks ago, equities looked like they were going to collapse. Now they look like they may never go down again. Will the “rip your face off” rally continue or will Darth Vader return? Gold has followed a very similar pattern ...

Http://news.goldseek.com/CliveMaund/1519050780.php Clive Maund - Gold Market Update

Https://www.caseyresearch.com/doug-casey-on-why-gold-could-go-hyperbolic/ Doug Casey on Why Gold Could Go “Hyperbolic”

(Kitco News) - Gold looks a little tired here after moving to our first pivot target of $1,357. With the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year, volumes will drop dramatically and traders will want to watch the dollar, particularly against the euro, where overnight the rate broke up through 1.25 euro/dollar but has subsequently settled back below the figure. Prefer to take profits on the recent run ...

Https://www.silverdoctors.com/headlines/world-news/five-dry-runs-successfully-completed-as-china-prepares-to-launch-its-gold-convertible-petro-yuan/ Five ‘Dry Runs’ Successfully Completed As China Prepares To Launch Its Gold Convertible Petro-Yuan

What a day for the bears on Wednesday. CPI came out at 8:30 EST, and the equities fell 500 points, gold fell $15 and the dollar spiked. By the end of the day, gold reversed by $50, the Dow by 600 and the dollar got pounded, another beating for the bears. The action looked more like short covering as the bears got squeezed again. The excitement is back, and buyers are everywhere, because this time ...

Https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/gold-silver-fight-back-a-bullish-reversal-is-in-the-works-after-a-failed-cartel-paper-dump/ Gold & Silver Fight Back! A Bullish Reversal Is In The Works After A Failed Cartel Paper Dump

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