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04:11 (vrijdag 23 mrt 2018)

Zilver: streaming koers, intraday grafiek, en forum berichten over Zilver.

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Intraday grafiek Zilver

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Zilver charts

Zilver (USD) Intraday
Zilver (USD) intraday chart Zilver (USD) intraday grafiek
Zilver (USD) 10-dagen
Zilver (USD) 10 dagen chart Zilver (USD) 10 dagen grafiek
Zilver (USD) 6 maanden
Zilver (USD) 6 maanden chart Zilver (USD) 6 maanden grafiek
Zilver (USD) 5 jaar
Zilver (USD) 5 jaar chart Zilver (USD) 5 jaar grafiek

Metalen commodities

Goud Goud1,337.46+8.88+0.67%
Zilver Zilver16.50+0.14+0.86%
Koper Koper3.01-0.01-0.46%
Lood Lood2,354.50-6.00-0.25%
Nikkel Nikkel13,176.00-287.20-2.13%
PLT Platinum954.80+5.70+0.60%
PLD Pallad.983.00+4.05+0.41%

Zilver in de beursbox

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Federal Reserve policymakers Wednesday pulled off an illusion that has Harry Houdini rolling over in his grave. They managed to pretend to raise rates while keeping massive pressure on the dollar. The move was a zero-sum game for global interest rates, meaning that if you are a foreign borrower, because of the weakness in the dollar, your interest rates stayed the same. Gold loved the news and ...

Ik denk dat goud en zilver gaan uitbreken. Inflatie gaat kop overal opsteken én ongedekt short posities blijven uitbreiden, gaat op een gegeven moment fout. Ze moeten de prijs wel laten stijgen. Ik verwacht zilver tussen 20 en 23 eind 2018 en goud zeker boven de 1450.

Olie , goud , zilver ....... ooooooh

Bv Goud . Olie , Zilver , enzv , geven je nu gelijk. whaaa

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The new cry for metals is “Help! I have fallen and can’t get up.” Across the board, metals are taking a beating and need the alert button as they call for help. Gold, copper and silver are all at the bottom end of trading ranges and could be in danger of breaking down here as we wait for Wednesday’s Fed decision. Interestingly enough, the suppression of the dollar by the Fed and central ...

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Investors often wonder what the best precious-metal play is and which one will perform better over time. The most popular is gold for any number of reasons. The jewelry is prettier, the price is higher or simply we have been trained that gold is just better. From a pure numbers standpoint, the case should be made for silver as the best precious metal. The gold/silver ratio was designed at 15-1 but...

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