Koers Platinum -0.77%

12:22 (woensdag 5 augustus 2015)

Laatst: 951.15
Change: -7.35 -0.77%
Sluit: 958.50
Min: 948.25
Max: 955.60

Intraday grafiek PLT

Metalen commodities

Goud Goud1,085.40-1.60-0.15%
Zilver Zilver14.49-0.09-0.60%
Koper Koper2.35-0.01-0.54%
Lood Lood1,724.00-10.93-0.63%
Nikkel Nikkel10,910.00+39.14+0.36%
PLT Platinum951.15-7.35-0.77%
PLD Pallad.593.40-5.20-0.87%

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Platinum niet

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