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18:18 (maandag 20 augustus 2018)

Goud spot: streaming koers, intraday grafiek, en forum berichten over Goud.

Laatst: 1,187.81
Change: +3.46 +0.29%
Sluit: 1,184.00
Min: 1,183.00
Max: 1,190.00

Intraday grafiek Goud

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Goud charts

Goud (USD) Intraday
Goud (USD) intraday chart Goud (USD) intraday grafiek
Goud (USD) 10-dagen
Goud (USD) 10 dagen chart Goud (USD) 10 dagen grafiek
Goud (USD) 6 maanden
Goud (USD) 6 maanden chart Goud (USD) 6 maanden grafiek
Goud (USD) 5 jaar
Goud (USD) 5 jaar chart Goud (USD) 5 jaar grafiek

Metalen commodities

Goud Goud1,187.81+3.46+0.29%
Zilver Zilver14.70-0.06-0.39%
Koper Koper2.67+0.04+1.45%
Lood Lood1,987.50-14.00-0.70%
Nikkel Nikkel13,504.70+38.80+0.29%
PLT Platinum791.60+14.30+1.84%
PLD Pallad.897.40+19.60+2.23%

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Peter Hug: Gold continues to find buyers on expectations that this week’s meeting with China on trade issues will ratchet back the escalation of a full-blown trade war. The currency crisis in Turkey also has seen some calming in rhetoric. As a result, the dollar has lost some ground as the safe-haven play and benefitted the commodity space. Traders are also watching for the developments in the ...

Todd Horwitz: For now, gold and silver appear to have put in at least temporary bottoms. For the next few weeks, we would expect the metals to rally or at worst case hold the recent lows. There are no guarantees that the lows are in, but we would only be long at these levels. Gold should make a run at $1,200, $1,220 and then $1,240. The $1,130 level is still lurking out there, but the action is ...

Http://www.24hgold.com/english/news-gold-silver-monetary-consequence-of-tariffs-report-12-august-2018.aspx?article=13375497760H11690&redirect=false&contributor=Keith+Weiner Monetary Consequence of Tariffs

Https://kingworldnews.com/historic-capitulation-as-bullion-banks-tighten-noose-around-hedge-funds/ Bullion Banks Turning Bullish On Gold

Https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/andrew-maguire-the-paper-markets-are-teetering-on-a-dwindling-supply-of-physical-gold/ Andrew Maguire: The Paper Markets Are Teetering On A Dwindling Supply Of Physical Gold

Http://news.goldseek.com/Zealllc/1534521042.php Adam Hamilton - Gold Miners' Q2 Fundamentals Yet gold stocks are priced today as if they are doomed to spiral lower forever. That’s truly fundamentally absurd given their strong profits even at this week’s battered gold levels. Traders need to look through this frightened herd sentiment to understand these anomalous gold-stock prices soon have to...


Todd Horwitz: The metals markets are attempting to stop the bleeding and find a bottom. It appears that the sellers are running out of steam. Although we have yet to see a reasonable rally and Thursday’s small attempt at one failed, gold was able to hold above the $1,180 level. The type of action we are seeing now could be known as base or bottom building and a rally could be near. There is a ...

Peter Hug: Was yesterday the capitulation event for the metals complex? It appeared that no bids were present in the market for a period of time and as Australia opened, gold fell an additional $10 from Wednesday’s close. When the Tokyo market opened, buying emerged, most likely on bargain hunting, which accelerated when news broke that China announced a new round of trade talks with the U.S. ...

Todd Horwitz: In the movie the Marathon Man, Dustin Hoffman gets tortured by Sir Laurence Olivier with rusty dental tools. As Olivier digs the tools into the nerves of Hoffman’s teeth, he continues to ask the same question -- is it safe? Gold traders and investors have been feeling the same way as we have been tortured by the sell-off that wouldn’t quit. For weeks, we have been targeting ...

Tsja, Westerse media he, die zien goud en zilver als een zeer grote bedreiging voor hun eigen valuta en bij voortdurende herhaling van de boodschap, gaat zo iets een eigen leven leiden. Jammer dat je geen Chinees of India's kunt lezen.

IK lees nu dat diverse media nu suggereren dat goud en zilver als belegging een langzame dood tegemoet gaat.

Geen idee, wel weet ik dat je met een turbo long Goud eigenlijk ook als visie moet hebben dat de $ gaat dalen t.o.v. euro, anders is het dweilen met de kraan open met die turbo's long op goud. (dit leergeld heb ik al voor u betaald :-))

Heb al contact gehad met Binck. Ging om een ING-sprinter. Inderdaad omdat de koers van goud 24/7 te verhandelen is, kan de stop-loss ook buiten handelstijden worden geraakt. Dat wist ik niet. Ik ging er vanuit dat het hetzelfde was als bij turbo's op de indexen. Helaas leergeld betaald dus.

In euro zie ik nog altijd weinig verschil tegenover bv 5 maart aankoop kruger 1100,00 nu 1083,00 prijzen bij gold forex.

Todd Horwitz: Overnight gold went through the $1,200 level like a hot knife through butter. The day has changed but the story remains the same -- there are no buyers for gold at the moment. The sellers are in total control. At 5 a.m. EDT, gold traded down to $1,191.80 on heavy overnight volume, which could signify we are close to the end of this move down. As we have written almost every day, we ...



Ja vreemd en toch blijven goud en zilver hangen, terwijl ze normaal gesproken mee zouden dalen.

Grafieken wijsheden zeker. Voor mij gelden alleen maar de beslommeringen van Da Boyz, de Open Interest, de mening van een paar analisten en mijn eigen onderbuikgevoel. Da Boyz hebben al een paar jaar lang de goud- en zilvergrafiek getekend.

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