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07:03 (zondag 24 juni 2018)

Goud spot: streaming koers, intraday grafiek, en forum berichten over Goud.

Laatst: 1,268.49
Change: +1.68 +0.13%
Sluit: 1,268.00
Min: 1,267.00
Max: 1,271.00

Intraday grafiek Goud

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Goud charts

Goud (USD) Intraday
Goud (USD) intraday chart Goud (USD) intraday grafiek
Goud (USD) 10-dagen
Goud (USD) 10 dagen chart Goud (USD) 10 dagen grafiek
Goud (USD) 6 maanden
Goud (USD) 6 maanden chart Goud (USD) 6 maanden grafiek
Goud (USD) 5 jaar
Goud (USD) 5 jaar chart Goud (USD) 5 jaar grafiek

Metalen commodities

Goud Goud1,268.49+1.68+0.13%
Zilver Zilver16.43+0.13+0.78%
Koper Koper3.03+0.01+0.18%
Lood Lood2,415.75+22.50+0.94%
Nikkel Nikkel15,352.30+336.10+2.24%
PLT Platinum878.70+15.50+1.80%
PLD Pallad.951.70+6.10+0.65%

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Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke warns, “It’s pretty obvious to anyone that we are in this parabolic Ponzi scheme. The debt is now increasing globally at such an exponential rate that, at some point, it becomes unserviceable. Then, at that point, you get this reset they’ve been talking about. Hemke warns that many people own the same ounce of gold held at big banks and...

Https://kingworldnews.com/whistleblower-andrew-maguire-all-swiss-gold-kilobar-production-now-sold-out-all-the-way-into-august/ Andrew Maguire – Swiss Gold Refiners Say Gold Demand Hasn’t Been This Strong Since 2013

Http://news.goldseek.com/Zealllc/1529682874.php Adam Hamilton - Cheap Gold Stocks Basing 2


Dus volgende week goud en zilver omhoog en de week er op een knal naar beneden.

Even wat goed nieuws. Aan alle bitcoinfantasten die nog steeds denken dat hun digitale reeks cijfertjes echt iets waard zijn. Je kan vandaag goedkoop goud kopen.


Https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/manipulation-of-gold-silver-by-bullion-banks-david-brady/ David Brady: Manipulation Of Gold & Silver By Bullion Banks Explained. Inclusief lijstje met herkenningspunten.

Http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1529604283.php Ballinger: Gold's Relative Strength Index Indicating a Bottom Is Here

Ik heb nu een longsignaal op de DAX. Elk half uur voer ik data in voor de DAX, SenP, EUR, goud, etc. Meld het maar voor de volledigheid. Kan er over een paar uur ook weer uit zijn en eventueel een verlies pakken. Gaat om totaal.

Euro en goud beginnen weer te lopen....😉👍 Nu mn daxjes nog.... Toch blijven zitten, kkein beetje bijgekocht nog zelfs, 12575 gemiddeld nu met 12400&12000 series... Dus daar beetje boven blijven aub😉

Peter Hug: Gold has settled down overnight with indications of fresh buying out of Asia. The primary short-term headwind for gold remains the strength of the dollar, which continues to benefit from inflows against the widening yields in favor of the U.S. From a technical level, support appears around the $1,272 area, with the next level at $1,267. Should we lose the secondary line, the short-term ...

Http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1529588043.php Russia Buys 600,000 oz Of Gold In May After Dumping Half Of US Treasuries In April

US Treasury's War on EU is/will push EU into an alliance with Russia, China and even maybe India to a reset of the international monetary system that eliminates the "exorbitant privilege" and abuse by US of the US dollar. Gold will be used to support the new system.

Het goud gaat richting 1240$/Ons. Benieuwd voor zilver of de steun op 16,20 $ stand zal houden. Als we hier doorheen zakken gaan we richting 15,60 en ik vrees hiervoor.

From India (Chintan Karnani): Weaker Asian currencies have resulted in gold and silver prices not falling by much. As long as the physical gold price in India does not fall below Rs.30500 per ten grams for 22carat purity, downside risk will be limited. I do not foresee the physical gold price falling below Rs.30500 per ten grams for 22carat purity till Diwali. The Indian rupee has to gain against ...

Marshall Swing: Friday’s COT report revealed both silver and gold Commercials, as of close last Tuesday, had plenty of dry powder in short positions to exterminate gold’s recent mediocre rise. The Commercials do not care about a little rise in gold. Their intent is to kill it, flip long, and strangle the Speculators, all in about an hour, when the time comes. There IS NO FREE MARKET in the ...

When currency was backed by gold, a central bank’s main function was to maintain the value of the issued currency in terms of gold. For example, if a central bank created too much money against the gold reserves in the banking system, an increasing number of people would begin to exchange their currency for gold. To combat this, a central bank would be forced to raise interest rates and decrease...

Is Gold in trouble? The short answer is yes. Gold has been tumbling for the last couple of days as the markets starts to sell off. With the equities getting clobbered overnight the last three sessions, gold has not been the safety asset that many believe it is. The lack of volatility in equities is helping to keep the pressure on the metals. We are not from the school that gold is a safe-haven ...

Goud laag 1270,65 Zilver laag 16,22 We komen in de buurt, nu nog wat meer groene sprietjes en kooplust.

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